‘A century defined by religion’ Europe’s chief rabbi predicts seismic shift in EU politics

17 Jun

In a telephone interview from Moscow, chief rabbi Goldschmidt, said what was a predominantly secular 20th century has given way to a new age dominated by questions about how religion affects the global order.

He said: “The last century, the 20th Century, was the secular century. Then this century started with the most important moment, 9/11, which was a religious moment, because it was a war declared because of religion.

“This century is going to be more and more religious and religion is going to play a much more important role in its politics than during the last century.” 

He pointed out that President Trump, who made much of his Christian faith on the campaign trail, chose “three destinations based on religion” for his first official tour outside the United States. 

The Republican visited Muslim majority Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican City last month and made different speeches at all three which focussed heavily on religion’s role in world peace. 

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