BBC election debate 2017 LIVE: Jeremy Corbyn faces Amber Rudd instead of Theresa May

31 May

7:36pm: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said Labour would deliver for a “country for meany not just the few.”

He said there would be “no tax rises for 95 per cent of tax payers, adding” those with most will contrinute bit more”.

He added: On June 8 you can vote the Conservatives to have more cuts in services and living standards or vote Labour to transform the country for the many not the few.”

Corbyn also accused the Conservatives of planning another five years of austerity to pay for tax handouts for the wealthy if they win the General Election on June 8.

In his opening statement in the BBC’s election debate, the Labour leader said there was “nothing remotely strong or stable” about the Tories’ record in office.

“Now the Conservatives want five more years of cuts to our vital public services to fund tax handouts for the wealthy few. Labour will make very different choices,” he said.

7:35pm: Home Secretary Amber Rudd says the Tory party has ” a plan that doesn’t duck hard choices about living within your means” and a plan to “stablise the economy and get more people in employment.” 

She voted the Conservatives will create “a country that works for everyone.”

She said: “I am sure you will hear pretty bluff and brovado. 

“Who should be in Number 10 to steer Britian to a brighter future.” 

She accused the Labour part of having “no plan for Brexit” whereas Mrs May has a “record of delivering and a clear plan for Brexit and a strong team behind her.”

7:34pm: Caroline Lucas has delivered her opening statment for the Green Party saying: “You can lay foundations for a new kind of politics. Your vote can change everything.”

7:31pm: The debate has started and Mishal Husain appears to have taken a swipe at Mrs May.. 

She said:”Seven leaders are here and others chose to send senior representatives.”

7:22pm: Corbyn took to Twitter hours ago to challenge May to join him on the stage tonight. But the prime minister is going to be a no show. 

7:18pm: BBC presenter Mishal Husain has tweeted live from the stage to show where the leaders are set for the showdown in a matter of minutes. 

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