BBC Question Time special: Jeremy Corbyn heckled over Trident and IRA

2 Jun

Meanwhile, the Labour leader was grilled over his links to the IRA as an audience member asked him: “Why have you never regarded the IRA as terrorists?

Mr Corbyn replied: “I have deplored all acts of terrorism by anybody in Northern Ireland or anywhere else.”

He added: “I don’t approve of any terrorism of any sort or any terrorist acts of any sort.”

But the audience member then came back and asked: “They did kill a lot of people, didn’t they?”

 Mr Corbyn said: “All deaths are wrong, all killing is wrong.”

The Labour leader also ruled out forming a coalition government as he was pressed over whether he planned to do a deal with Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP leader. 

He said: “We are not looking to do deals with anybody. We are not forming a coalition government. I want to form a Labour government with a majority to carry out this amazing programme which can give so much hope and opportunity to so many people. So no deal.”

He added: “I thought your question was about deals and I said no deals.”

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