Brazilian president denies report he endorsed bribing ex-lawmaker

18 May

Many believe that Cunha, who was widely viewed as Brazil’s most powerful politician before several corruption cases began catching up with him, could provide damaging testimony about dozens of others if he reached a plea bargain with the “Car Wash” investigators.

Globo’s report had an immediate impact.

Soon after it was released, both the Senate and Chamber of Deputies stopped sessions that included work on legislation that Mr Temer’s administration is pushing in hopes of kick-starting Latin America’s largest economy, which is suffering its worst recession in decades.

“This climate isn’t one in which to work,” Rodrigo Maia, president of the lower chamber, told Globo News after adjourning legislators.

Opposition politicians took to Twitter and local news channels to call for Temer to resign or be impeached, arguing his government no longer had legitimacy.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city and the nation’s economic engine, about 2,000 people gathered on Avenida Paulista to demand Mr Temer being ousted.

“I came here because I am outraged,” said Rafaela Rossi, a 32-year-old drug store owner. “How could Brazil sink so low to have this guy in office when everyone knew that he was not to be trusted?”

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