BREXIT BATTLE: Brussels bigwigs have date SET for when exit talks will FINALLY begin

20 May

News of the date comes a day after EU Exit Secretary David Davis told the Daily Express that Theresa May had shown the Government “means business” and will not put up with “silly games” by Brussels if she returns to Downing Street after the general election.

In an exclusive interview, the Tory Cabinet minister warned that a “tense period” was ahead in the negotiations.

Mr Davis also rubbished the idea that Britain could be forced to pay up to £85billion to leave the EU.

In previously unpublished remarks from his Daily Express interview, the EU Exit Secretary said: “Picking numbers out the air doesn’t work. I’m not going to do the negotiation in public anyway.

“What is plain is that the period of paying over vast sums of money into the EU is coming to an end – that is the most important thing.”

He added: “We have said we will talk to them. We will meet our obligations. One of our great reputations globally is that we meet our obligations whatever they may be.

“We’re going to have a very careful look. The numbers you see banded around, they are not legal obligations.

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