Brussels SLAMMED with cost of Brexit: EU initiatives face budget axe as UK funds to dry up

31 May

In it, officials write: “Since the June 2016 referendum on the UK withdrawal from the EU, several of the EP committees dealing with implementation of the EU programmes have raised concerns over the total level of EU budget after Brexit. 

“Among others, for example AFET [foreign affairs], AGRI [farming] and REGI [regional development] committees have discussed the EU budgets post-Brexit, recalling that the UK has been a net contributor to the EU budget. 

“Several committees have pointed out that an issue that needs to be addressed during the Brexit negotiations is to what extent the UK plans to continue to participate in different EU programmes, agencies, and funds.” 

The document goes on to list a “non-comprehensive list of budget topics, programmes and agencies highlighted by selected committees’ which will be affected by Brexit. 

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