‘Cold-call queen’ behind millions of nuisance calls was Come Dine With Me ‘supermum’

13 May

Until now, Rachael Tooher-Rudd was perhaps best known as a former primary school teacher and “supermum” who once cavorted with a semi-naked waiter on the television reality show Come Dine With Me.

But The Telegraph can unmask Mrs Tooher-Rudd as Britain’s “Cold Call Queen”, responsible with her husband for making the lives of millions an utter misery by bombarding them with nuisance calls.

Mrs Tooher-Rudd, 47, and husband Greg Rudd, 51, are joint owners of Keurboom Communications Ltd, which was given a record £400,000 fine for making 100 million calls in 18 months.

Mr Rudd, the sole director of Keurboom, has a history of running questionable phone companies. One of his businesses, Allied Communications, was fined £1.3 million in 2005 for running a premium-rate phone scam that was investigated by police. In both cases, Mr Rudd put the companies into administration, and so avoided paying the fines levied by the regulators.

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