Election 2017: Boris Johnson accuses Corbyn of siding with Britain’s enemies – politics live

6 Jun

With two days to go before the election, figures from YouGov have Scottish Labour on 25 per cent, up six points in three weeks. There has also been a surge in popularity for Mr Corbyn. His approval rating north of the border is still in the red at minus 5, but that is a significant improvement on the rating of minus 36 he scored in the last poll.

If the findings carry through to votes, Labour will hang on to the Edinburgh South seat that it won in 2015, as well as taking Edinburgh North and Leith & East Renfrewshire from the SNP. At the beginning of the campaign Scottish Labour was languishing at 18 per cent of the popular vote and on track to lose its only MP.

The comeback has also been at the expense of the Conservatives, who surged into second place behind the SNP at the start of the campaign and were on 29 per cent of the vote three weeks ago. Ruth Davidson’s party has dropped to 26 per cent, enough to win seven seats in Scotland, but not quite the breakthrough party managers had hoped for.

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