Election 2017 polls LIVE: Latest news updates as Conservatives and Labour enter final day

7 Jun

Support for the Lib Dems collapsed in 2015, with the party retaining just 28 per cent of its supporters while 30 per cent went on to vote Labour.

Of those who voted Lib Dem in 2015, just over half intend to do so again tomorrow, with 23 per cent now backing Labour and 18 per cent supporting the Conservatives.

Of the almost three-quarters who did not vote Lib Dem in the last election, 47 per cent will vote Labour and 27 per cent will vote Conservatives. Just 15 per cent plan to return to the Lib Dems.

11.08am: It has emerged that Lyn Brown, Diane Abbott’s temporary replacement as Shadow Home Secretary, quit the Labour front bench last year in protest against Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

The West Ham MP resigned as shadow home office minister in June 2016 saying that Mr Corbyn’s leadership was “untenable” after a vote of no confidence among MPs. 

At the time, she said: “Following the overwhelming vote of the parliamentary Labour party, it was with a heavy heart that I concluded that we had reached a tipping point and, for the good of the party and the country, I believe that we should seek a new leader.” WHO IS LYN BROWN?

11.00am: Theresa May’s vow to rip up parts of human rights laws to tackle terror could only be done if a state of emergency was declared, it has been claimed.

Damian Green has said that changes would involve a “derogation” from the European Convention on Human Rights.

But the Council of Europe stresses in a factsheet that “the right to derogate can be invoked only in time of war or other public emergency threatening the life of the nation”.

10.22am: Jeremy Corbyn has told BBC Breakfast that he is alarmed by Theresa May’s vow to tear up parts of human rights laws.

He said: “We won’t defeat terrorism by ripping up our basic rights and our democracy; we defeat terrorism by our communities, by our vigilance and by police action to isolate and detain those who could wish us harm.

“The independence of our whole judicial system is absolutely central to our lives and I become quite alarmed when the prime minister and others start talking about the need to change our human rights legislation.

“Our fundamental rights are very, very important; the right to free speech, the right to free assembly, the right to free elections, the right to access to the media and of course, the right to elect our politicians, all these things are absolutely central to our lives.

“Let’s hold those as our central core beliefs. The threat to us from terrorist attacks has to be dealt with by effective policing and an effective security service. 

“You don’t trade one off against the other. You make sure our democracy is fully intact and the threat is dealt with by an effective, properly resourced police force. You can’t get security on the cheap.”

9.55am: Theresa May’s popularity ratings have dropped since she took office in June 2016, new YouGov research has found.

Voters increasingly see Theresa May competent but out of touch, weak, dislikeable and dishonest, according to the research.

Jeremy Corbyn’s ratings have improved since May 2017, with Britons also seeing him as increasingly competent, in touch, strong, likeable and honest.

YouGov said: “These results are instructive as it shows that increasingly people are seeing Mrs May in a more negative light, with the driver of this shift being ‘don’t knows’ making up their minds unfavourably about the Conservative leader.

“While we didn’t ask about Jeremy Corbyn last summer, we did ask about him earlier in the campaign. Across the board, the Labour leader’s positive attributes have improved.”

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