Election debate: reaction and analysis after Jeremy Corbyn and party leaders spar – as it happened

31 May

Tonight’s debate highlighted the clear choice at this election: between a Labour party that will invest in and transform our society to build a Britain for the many, and a Conservative party that has held people back and stand only for the few.

Only Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa May will be prime minister after June 8, but tonight, in what was effectively a job interview for Number 10, only one of the two candidates bothered to turn up. Theresa May won’t even debate her opponents here in the UK, in an election she called. How on earth can she be trusted to negotiate in Europe and get the best deal for the British people?

Jeremy Corbyn clearly won the debate. He showed himself as a leader who wants to change the country for the better, to make it work for the many not just a few.

By contrast, Theresa May’s refusal to take part showed her weakness. It’s a sign of a Tory campaign which is treating the public with contempt, trying to hide from scrutiny. They showed tonight they have no answers to the challenges facing Britain and that they would make pensioners and working people worse off.

Tonight proved that Jeremy Corbyn and Labour are the only party that will build a Britain for the many not the few.

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