EU unleashes ‘psychological warfare’ to exploit election chaos and deliver crushing Brexit

10 Jun

Mr Azadgan told Press TV: “The election results just adds more ambiguity and confusion another a situation that was already so confusing and ambiguous.

“Donald Tusk – or the euro boss, as he is called in Brussels – has basically told the UK just to get it together, to get their country sorted out. 

“It is embarrassing to the UK now, in the eyes of the EU27.”

The political expert said that the Brexit timeline was already a rushed process, which has only worsened with the six-week election period and now uncertainty about UK leadership.

He added: “Brexit is meant to take 24 months – but the UK looks to the rest of Europe like it is dragging its shoes. 

“Two years is definitely not enough. It was a pressure tactic from the EU, and now these messages after the election – it is psychological warfare. 

“The EU message is basically telling the British Government, you’re out, you’re out, you’re finished with us. Get out and make it as fast as possible.”

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