‘Exaggerated, dangerous, indefensible’ Ex euro judge eviscerates EU’s position on Brexit

31 May

In the no holds barred piece the expert laughed off suggestions Brussels would get an £85 billion settlement, joking: “Never have the British been so loved as for their net contribution to the EU budget.” 

And he also criticised the EU’s pursuit of “perpetual rights…not only for EU residents in the UK, but also their future mate or children” and demands of full powers for the ECJ to oversee any Brexit deal. 

The former judge drily noted that, having repeatedly criticised the UK for wanting to “cherry pick” on membership, Brussels was now doing the same thing by trying to “perpetuate agreeable components of the present situation”. 

On the EU’s position, he wrote: “It is dangerous, for two very different reasons. First, of course, loading the boat excessively broadens the scope, increases expectations, generates conflicts and makes a final deal less likely. The EU, like the UK government before, needs to adjust to reality.

“It must compare the limited immediate benefits of this drastic approach with the global benefits of a new deal.” 

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