Finsbury Park latest: One killed and 10 injured in London mosque terror attack

19 Jun

Sultan Ahmed, 34, whose uncle witnessed the attack said the driver shouted: “Kill all Muslims” as he ploughed into the crowd of worshippers, reports Crime Correspondent Martin Evans.

He said the victim was an elderly Bangladeshi man who had just left the Muslim Welfare Mosque on Seven Sisters Road. Mr Ahmed, a charity worker, said:

“My uncle had just left the mosque when an elderly man who was in front of him fell ill and collapsed on the ground.

“A group of worshippers were crowding round to help him when the van drove at them and ran over the old man. There were at least two others who looked to be in a very bad way. 

“My uncle said the driver had shouted “I want to kill all Muslims’. There were also reports that the van had been parked over the road waiting for people to leave the mosque.”

Mr Ahmed claimed that a total of three men were in the van, but two had escaped. However, police said “no other suspects at the scene have been identified or reported” to the force.

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