Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy: the story being told about Theresa May’s top advisers is inaccurate and unfair

10 Jun

This article was originally published in October 2016 when Theresa May’s advisers were under intense media scrutiny.

First, a health warning. This piece is about political advisers and political journalists. If you’re a real person who’s not interested in the cosy, abusive relationship between those two subspecies of humanity, look away now.

Second, a disclosure. One of the subjects of this piece, Fiona Hill, is an old colleague and friend of mine, from a time before either of us worked at Westminster. I don’t pretend to be impartial here. But nor should I be taken as speaking for her or in any way reflecting her views. I couldn’t do that anyway: we have not spoken, texted, emailed or communicated in any way since she started her current job in July.

Given all that, you may wish to dismiss me out of hand when I suggest that Ms Hill, one of Theresa May’s chiefs of staff, is being treated rather unfairly in parts of the political-media village.  But bear with me and I’ll try to persuade you that I’m right even if I am biased.

Since Mrs May became PM, people like me have been looking for a narrative, a story, an intellectual lens through which to explain and interpret her premiership.

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