Half of Millennials hiring cleaners as they are ‘too busy’ to clean one-bed flats 

18 Jun

“The sharing economy has also played a big part in the people realizing they have access to cleaners which they may have found harder to fin before, its very convenient.”

Kevin Hipkins, president at cleaning firm Mollymaid, said there was now a greater demand for services among young households, partly because of changing attitudes towards women’s domestic role.

He said: “In the 1970s women would feel reluctant to hire a cleaner as it was seen as a luxury they shouldn’t be paying for. They had a superwoman type mentality that they should do it all themselves, but these days a lot of women’s view of a superwoman isn’t someone who is cleaning the house every week. They have better things to do.”

Liam Dickerson, marketing manager at Housekeep, another cleaning firm, said: “Many young workers are putting more hours into their jobs these days and they feel they’re better off getting someone else to do their cleaning. They’re also living in smaller dwellings with more people living in them, which means they’re likely to spend more time tidying up mess as there may be less space to store things.”

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