‘It’s not a CHOICE’ Juncker says states opposed to migrant quotas must still take refugees

14 Jun

Today the EU Commission announced infringement proceedings against the trio for their failure to take in migrants, although bizarrely Mr Juncker insisted the move was not a “sanction”. 

He bizarrely claimed that solidarity is not something that should be “enforced with a crowbar” through the courts, just second after unveiling the legal proceedings against his own member states. 

Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland are in turn fighting Brussels in the courts with their own bid to get the entire policy overturned as the EU’s migration response descends into anarchy. 

Addressing MEPs in Strasbourg this morning, Mr Juncker said: “We can see areas where member states need to make more of an effort, such as providing the necessary resources for the borders and coastguards, but we also need to make sure that EU member states implement EU law” 

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