Jeremy the rare lefty snail in gastropod love triangle tragedy as his two mates procreate with each other

17 May

He has embraced his role as a loveable uncle, and has been seen frolicking with the baby snails.

Dr Davison said of the offspring: “All 170 who have been born so far are right-coiling. It’s what we expected”.

“It’s possible their offspring will be lefties.

“We have started a multi-generational commitment”

Because of this, Jeremy the snail is still on the market for a mate.

However, the gastropod may be happy to be alone.

Earlier, when biologists were trying to encourage him to mate,  Dr Angus Davison, a scientist at the University of Nottingham, revealed that he just was not interested.

“We got them together but unfortunately they haven’t mated yet. They are just not interested at the moment,” he told Radio 4’s Today programme earlier in the study.

Despite the chances of Jeremy finding a snail he was compatible with thought to be one-in-a-million, Dr Davison hasn’t given up hope.

“It’s the long game because they live for several years, so it is not a problem, it is only a problem in the sense that everybody wants to know what’s happening next,” he said. 

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