Live UK election results in full from 10pm

8 Jun

Voting is under way in the 2017 June general election. Across 650 constituencies, polls will close and counts begin at 10pm, with the first declarations expected around 1am. Between then and breakfast time, most of England, Scotland and Wales should have declared. Northern Ireland will come later but may not affect the outcome.

Theresa May called the election (which was not due until 2020) in order, she said, to ‘strengthen her hand’ in Brexit negotiations by securing a stronger mandate. To achieve that aim, she needs to increase her majority in the House of Commons, probably by double figures. That seemed straightforward at the beginning of the campaign, but a number of missteps, notably over a policy requiring elderly homeowners to surrender value in their houses to pay for dementia care, have made it less of a foregone conclusion.

So anything less than a big win for Theresa May will carry a taint of failure. On the other side, if the Tories come back without an overall majority – which seems on the face of things to be unlikely, but has been forecast by one pollster – it would be a big win for the other parties, especially Jeremy Corbyn. What would happen then, in terms of forming a new government, is hard to predict, but the likelihood is for a minority government. Short of an electoral earthquake, there is unlikely to be a workable coalition among the other parties, and a coalition featuring the Conservatives seems improbable this time.

The first results are expected around 1am. Traditionally, Sunderland is one of the first areas to declare, and traditionally this gives Labour an early lead in the results, which may not be instructive by the end of the night. Conversely, if Labour does do badly in Sunderland, one of its oldest heartlands, the party is in for a sticky night.

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