London Bridge attack latest: Terrorists named as police say they were not under surveillance as they posed ‘low risk’

6 Jun

Here is their story:

Renan Marquesi, a sous chef at Lobos, told how a woman who sought refuge in the tapas restaurant could not walk so he took her in his arms and carried her across the bridge. 

“In front of the restaurant door there were three dead people,” said Mr Marquesi, who is from Brazil. 

“There was a man with a white shirt on, a woman, and another person lying there. There was so much blood. They were not moving. Doctors were trying to resuscitate people who were lying on the ground.”

Mr Marquesi, 22, told of the chaos that erupted outside the restaurant on Saturday night. 

“There were people screaming, shouting, running. There was so much blood on the floor.”

He said that people from the street ran into the restaurant to take cover, and when the restaurant was full he locked and bolted the door to keep everyone safe. 

“We have two floors. I told everyone to go upstairs to keep them safe,” Mr Marquesi said. “When we had 50 or 60 people int eh restaurant we closed the door and locked it. 

“It was really scary. People were shocked. One woman couldn’t walk because she was in shock and she couldn’t move her legs. I took her in my arms and carried her across the bridge to the end where the police were.”

Santlago Prado, 20, a kitchen boy at the restaurant, said: “At first we thought it was a fight.  People were on the floor with blood, people were crying. People ran into the restaurant from the street to take cover.” 

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