London fire latest: Fatalities confirmed as Grenfell Tower residents trapped

14 Jun

A man who lived on the 17th floor of the block, identified as Methrob, told LBC Radio: “I heard the fire trucks and so I was alerted that something was going on.

“There was no fire alarm in the building, we don’t have an integrated fire alarm system. I went outside my house and I could smell the smoke. I looked out my window, I leaned over and I could see the fire blazing up.

“I woke up my auntie who was sleeping, it was about 1.15am, and we started to make our way down. I warned a couple of my neighbours, the ones nearest to me, and we basically went as fast as we could.”

He said the fire was inside one apartment, but added the “real issue was when it caught fire to the cladding outside. That’s when I noticed the fire from outside when I looked out the window.

“By the time that we got downstairs, the fire had gone all the way up and it was just about reaching our windows on the 17th floor. The whole one side of the building was on fire. The cladding went up like a matchstick.”

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