London fire latest: Twelve confirmed dead in Grenfell Tower as death toll expected to rise

14 Jun

James Wood, a 32-year-old graphic designer who lives opposite, watched the blaze tear through Grenfell Tower, reports Henry Bodkin.

He said survivors told him police and the fire brigade told residents to stay in their flats.

“After about half an hour, once they realised how bad it was, they told them to evacuate, but by then it was too late,” he said.

“The most traumatic part was seeing the children at the window screaming for help. Then the rooms would just go up in flames.

“There was a woman hanging her baby out of the window, about mid way up the tower. She was crying out. She wanted to drop the baby and was trying to make sure there was a safety net.

“After a few hours you could see a few people had got together and moved into the very top left flat, all into one room. They were all at the window flashing their phones.”

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