MAPPED: What European people REALLY think of the EU (and it’s not good news for Brussels)

19 May

However, they added this neutral viewpoint also extends to regions that were the main recipients of Social Cohesion funds before the eastern bloc countries join, like Portugal, Spain and Ireland. 

In contrast, the only overwhelmingly positive views of the project were to be found in countries like Poland and Romania, which “currently benefit from a huge inflow of EU funding, such as Poland or Romania”. 

The researches add: “One is also struck by the fact that many of the border regions are not necessarily particularly positive about or attached to the EU, as one could expect experience of interaction with neighbours across the border could strengthen EU identification.” 

Britain is, apart from London, overwhelmingly negative towards the EU even if Remain backing Scotland, although Northern Ireland has a broadly neutral view of the project along with its neighbour the Republic of Ireland. 

Finally, eurocrats will be concerned by the levels of negativity represented in Sweden, which will hold elections next year at which the eurosceptic Sweden Democrats party is expected to perform well. 

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