Outrage as Tory MP reveals May could give DUP this shocking concession to secure coalition

10 Jun

The former Northern Ireland secretary said: “I don’t see many major social issues coming up in the next parliament.

“You might get a debate I suppose on further reduction of abortion times as medical science advances.

“But the stuff you mention like gay rights and all that, which you’re probably referring to, that is all devolved.

“It’s not only a free vote issue, most of this, but it’s nearly all devolved and that’s down to the politicians in Northern Ireland to resolve.”

The DUP holds a controversial anti-abortion stance, with terminations illegal in Northern Ireland unless a woman’s life is in danger or there is a serious risk to her health.

Last year, its leader Arlene Foster said: “I would not want abortion to be as freely available here as it is in England.”

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