Paris prepares for Emmanuel Macron inauguration 

13 May

Emmanuel Macron will officially take power on Sunday after an inauguration ceremony with the outgoing Socialist president, François Hollande, at the Elysée Palace.

Mr Macron, 39, a pro-European centrist, will become the youngest president in French history after walking up the red carpet to the palace steps and exchanging a ceremonial handshake with Mr Hollande.

Mr Macron would normally be accompanied on the red carpet by his wife Brigitte, but because there is no outgoing First Lady, protocol will oblige her to enter the palace before him, along with other guests.   

Mr Macron and Mr Hollande will withdraw for about half an hour to discuss matters of state in private. Mr Hollande will hand over the codes for France’s nuclear arsenal.

He may show Mr Macron around the Elysée, although the president-elect is familiar with the palace layout from his time as Mr Hollande’s advisor and later his economy minister.

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