Question Time leaders’ special: May under fire over NHS and education –as it happened

3 Jun

The Question Time leaders’ special showed there is a very clear choice at this election but again the British public were denied the opportunity to see a debate between the only two people who could be prime minister next week.

Jeremy outlined Labour’s plans to transform Britain for the many not the few. With a Labour government, students won’t be saddled with tuition fee debt, pensioners incomes will be guaranteed by the triple lock and winter fuel allowance, and 95% of taxpayers won’t pay any more tax.

Theresa May couldn’t defend her record and floundered on the lack of costings in her manifesto, what the cap on social care will be and where the money will come from to fund our NHS.

The prime minister won’t even debate in an election she called, how on earth can she be trusted to negotiate the best Brexit deal for the British people? She repeatedly said she wasn’t going to call an election but now she has, she doesn’t seem to want to take part in it.

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