‘Shocked’ ex-wife of London Bridge terrorist speaks out

7 Jun

One resident told the Telegraph he had even stood next to the terrorist in a lift.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, and who lives in the same apartment block as Redouane’s wife, said: “I was standing right next to him in that lift”.

“I’ve seen him four or five times, he’s come here often to see his daughter. He didn’t say a word, we just stood there silently until we got to his floor.

“It was only the next day when my mate told me about the attacks that I realised it was him. It’s scary you know. I don’t like the fact that my kids were living in the same block as this guy. He was there at 7pm.”

On social media Redouane’s wife, whose maiden name was O’Leary, had recently described herself as single and at one point said that her daughter’s father was not seeing their child.

It has emerged that Redouane was refused asylum to the UK in 2009, but he is believed to have remained in the country before going on to live in Ireland three years later.

Once there, he married Miss O’Leary and was granted a European Union residence card that allowed him to apply for a permit to remain in Britain when he left Ireland.

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