Steve Scalise in a critical condition after shooting at Republican baseball practice 

15 Jun

Senator Rand Paul, who sought the Republican presidential nomination, was among those present at the baseball practice along with Arizona senator, Jeff Flake.

Mo Brooks, an Alabama congressman, said:

“We have 30 people on the Republican team.

“At the time of the shooting I would say there were to 25.

“It was early in the morning and people work early in the morning.”

Congressman Brooks described how he helped apply a tourniquet to one of those who had been hit by the shooter.

The shooter was not saying anything, he added.

“I was on third base instead of the home plate. I saw him fire five to six times.

“Standing here and watching him did not seem like a good idea. I ran behind the back of the batting cage, I was obscured by the blue plastic.”

Police fired back at the shooter with hand guns as congressmen and staffers shouted into their mobile phones

“Sure as hell it wasn’t an accident.”

“It is pretty well known in the neighbourhood who those folks are and where we practice

“It is not a secret

“He knew who we were.

“He was going after elected officials”

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