Theresa May’s OUTRAGE over ‘Brussels gossip’ amid leaked details of Brexit talks

2 May

Mrs May clashed with the European Commission chief over demands for Britain to pay an EU divorce bill of up to £50billion. 

She insisted that Britain was not legally obliged to pay a penny because EU treaties contained no rules about an exit fee. 

The German newspaper said that when Mr Davis insisted that Britain could not be forced to pay cash to Brussels once the country had left the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, Mr Juncker responded that the UK would not get a trade deal as a result. 

After the meal, Mr Juncker was said to have telephoned German Chancellor Angela Merkel to complain that Mrs May was “living in another galaxy” and was “totally deluding herself”.

Senior Tory Steve Baker, chairman of the Euro-sceptic European Reform Group of MPs, said last night: “The Commission issued an on-the-record statement describing the meeting as ‘constructive’ so we do not recognise this anonymous briefing. 

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