‘Vladimir Putin is waiting for your call’ – Russian leader begins annual phone in

15 Jun

Callers have gently teased Mr Putin with their questions in the past, but they always stop short of outright criticism or mockery. 

Some will also be hoping for gifts from the Russian leader – he once gave an entire town a gas supply after they complained about Gazprom, the Russian energy company. 

He also sent a dress to a young girl who said she wanted to look like Cinderella, along with an invitation to visit the Kremlin with her grandmother. 

What kind of questions are asked?

The questions put to Mr Putin are overwhelmingly linked to domestic issues such as road conditions, housing, mortgages education and in some cases the crisis in Ukraine. 

Now and then a caller will be allowed to ask a more personal question of Mr Putin in an attempt to soften the overall tone of the debate.

Dmitry Peskov, the Russian leader’s press secretary, has seen this year’s batch of questions and says they are mostly linked to social issues. 


Highlights from previous editions of  A Direct Line With Putin

  1. Would you ever take Alaska back from the US? Putin: No. 
  2. Would you legalise cannabis? Putin: No. 
  3. Can you remember the first time you had sex? Putin: No. 

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