‘We won’t stand in their way’ Boris says Britain won’t block EU plan for own military HQ

15 May

He replied: “The only thing I’d say about this is to echo what my friend and colleague David Davis [the Brexit secretary] has said, which is that there’s a kind of unity in these negotiations.

“You’d expect all this to be done as a bundle, as a package as they say in Brussels. Rien est acquis avant que tous soit acquis – nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. 

“And so you’ve got to look at the money, the whole thing, the free trade arrangement you’ve got to look at that as a package.” 

Brussels is insisting that the negotiations are carried out in a two-phased approach, with the rights of EU citizens, Britain’s financial contributions and the Irish border situation sorted out before talks on trade can begin. 

EU officials are also adamant that the UK has no claim to any of the project’s hundreds of billions of pounds worth of assets because they belong to the bloc as a separate legal entity.   

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