Who is in Theresa May’s reshuffled cabinet?

12 Jun

Theresa May sought to stave off a Tory civil war after her party saw its majority wiped out in the General Election by bringing former justice secretary Michael Gove in from the cold less than a year after she sacked him.

Mr Gove’s appointment as Environment Secretary came after former chancellor George Osborne branded the prime minister “dead woman walking”, warning that she could be ousted from No 10 in a matter of days.

The return to the Cabinet of Mr Gove will be seen as an attempt to head off any challenge from the Brexiteer wing of the party.

At the same time she has brought in the more emollient figure of Damian Green as First Secretary of State – a title often associated with the role of deputy prime minister – based in the Cabinet Office, in a limited reshuffle of her top team.

Here is a list of who’s who in Mrs May’s new Cabinet:

Chancellor Philip Hammond

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