Will Theresa May resign? Pressure grows on PM – Conservative Party results and fallout live

9 Jun

Brexit Secretary David Davis, who held his Howden & Haltemprice seat, dismissed suggestions he was a potential Tory leader. “That is behind me, I didn’t run last time for a reason, I thought it’s for other people now,” Mr Davis told the Press Association.

“The simple truth is we have a Prime Minister, she is a very good leader, I’m a big supporter of hers.

“I’ll fight tooth and nail to keep her in place. I think she is a very very good Prime Minister, and we’d look a long way to get better.”

Asked whether Mrs May was right to call a snap election, Mr Davis said: “We had to establish a mandate and secondly we had to have a parliament which gave us time to do the job.

“This was an election in the national interest.

“People say we wanted a landslide.

“It was never about that, it was about the mandate.”

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