Youseff Zaghba named as third London terrorist – Everything we know about him

7 Jun

Born and brought up in the Moroccan city of Fez, Youseff Zaghba was often exposed to clerics who preached a strict interpretation of Islam.

But it was only when the 22-year-old restaurant worker moved to the UK that he became radicalised, embarking on a path that would eventually see him take part in Saturday’s terrorist atrocity at London Bridge and Borough Market.

With a Moroccan father and Italian mother, Zaghba, frequently travelled between the two countries, but​,​ when his parents split in 2015, he moved to east London.

Settling in Ilford, in the same neighbourhood as hate preacher Anjem Choudary, Zaghba began working at a Pakistani run restaurant.

It was there his mother, Valeria Collina, claims he fell under the spell of extremists, who quickly exploited his loneliness and persuaded him to devote his life to jihad.

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