800 people stranded in the mid-Atlantic after ‘runway potholes’ close Ascension Island’s runway

17 Apr

The Ministry of Defence cited “safety reasons” for cancelling flights between RAF Brize Norton and the Falklands, which carry civilians as well as military personnel. The concerns are believed to be about landing a heavyweight A330 air tanker. A lighter aircraft is expected to fly stranded passengers out in a few days.

RAF Brize Norton’s website added that it had become “necessary to limit… the non-essential population” on the British Overseas Territory, seen as an indication of ­prolonged problems. The military flights serving the Falklands, which carry some civilians, are expected to ­resume, via west Africa instead of Ascension, on Friday. 

One would-be passenger, Sarah ­McCusker, posted on Facebook: “We were due to travel to Ascension but our flights have been cancelled with no hope of ­rebooking. 

“Apparently the runway condition is now too dangerous.”

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