‘A lack of vision!’ EU boss Tajani explodes at Theresa May over her Brexit stance

19 Oct

Grilled on MEPs role in the talks, he said they are “fully involved in all the initiatives” related to the negotiations and insisted they will veto any deal that does not meet their red lines on citizens’ rights. 

Mr Tajani said: “The progress so far has not been satisfactory. We heard the tone of the speech by Mrs May but I”m still waiting to see the tone of that speech, the more flexible approach, I’m waiting to see that transformed into practical deeds. 

“Basically we’re not satisfied with the result so far. We very much hope we will get an agreement in the future. The EU is united, the institutions and the Member States we all have the same vision of things. 

“There’s maybe a lack of vision within the UK as to what they want to do but not within the EU. we don’t have differing positions within the EU we all view this in exactly the same way.” 

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