Abe poised for victory as voters battle through wind and rain in Japan election

22 Oct

The current insecurity surrounding North Korea’s nuclear and missile programme is also believed to have fuelled an underlying conservatism among many voters.

“The situation in the world is not stable in many aspects and I believe the LDP is the only party to rely on,” said Kyoko Ichida, 78, after voting in Tokyo.

Yoshihisa Iemori, 50, a construction firm owner, added: “I support Abe’s stance not to give in to North Korea’s pressure. I’m focusing on this point for the election.”

It was late last month that Mr Abe, a deeply divisive PM, announced that he was dissolving parliament and holding an early election, seeking a new mandate to tackle the “crises” facing Japan, from North Korea’s nuclear programme to post-Fukushima nuclear policy.

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