Analysis: Now the party’s over, Emmanuel Macron must make some friends in politics as soon as possible 

14 May

Macron’s success in expanding Sunday trading as part of his very effective Loi Macron is little reported in Britain, for example. Following his  collaboration with Valls, Macron had no interest in finding a senior role for his former colleague within REM, despite Valls wanting one after branding the PS dead “and behind us”.

Besides, Gaullist conservatives from the Républicains are also being tempted to join REM, in the wake of their suicidal decision to stick with François Fillon, an indicted criminal suspect, as their presidential candidate. As Fillon and his British-born wife, Penelope Fillon, prepare for the possibility of a trial and prison over a fake jobs scandal, there are likely to be some able Right-wing politicians tempted to ditch their blighted party for immediate power.

Nothing is certain, though, except that Macron will have diminishing time to deal with such tricky politicking. The magnificent spectacle of a French presidential inauguration will allow for another day of celebration, but the election festivities will be well and truly over by Monday morning. If Macron is going to cope with the weight of office, as well as his ambitious political agenda, he will need to find some capable friends very quickly indeed.

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