Australian punches great white shark in the nose and tells it to ‘f— off’ after it tries to steal his fish

18 May

An Australian man has shocked the world with his bravery after he punched a 10ft great white shark in the nose and told it to ‘f— off’ after it tried to steal his fish.

Nicholas Wilks was out fishing with his father in Port Pirie, South Australia,when they started to be bothered by a large shark.

The animal was hanging around the boat and ripping fish out of their nets as they tried to pull them up.

His father, David, tried to make the shark go away, to no avail.

Frustrated, he punched the shark on the nose.

The punch appeared to anger the shark, who clamped onto the net.

An astonishing video, uploaded to Instagram, shows David Wilks wrestling to get the shark off the net and away from the boat.

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