‘Ball’s in YOUR COURT!’ May issues Brussels ULTIMATUM on day of fresh Brexit talks

9 Oct

“We were always going to find the first six months difficult going, not least because the EU is hanging tough around the money.”

Meanwhile, Sir John Major yesterday warned that “disloyal” Tory MPs attempting to overthrow Theresa May risked putting Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street.

The former prime minister spoke out about his “increasing dismay” over the turmoil in Conservative ranks.

Boris Johnson also hit out by describing the conspirators within the party as “nutters”.

Comparing his Tory colleagues to a herd of elephants, the Foreign Secretary said: “Are we really going to be stampeded myopically over the edge of the gorge, with an election that no one wants?

“Quo quo scelesti ruitis? as Horace put it at the beginning of a fresh bout of Rome’s ghastly civil wars, and which roughly translates as: What do you think you are doing you nutters? “From what I can see the Tory herd has refused to be so goaded. We have sniffed the air and turned sensibly away from the cliff.”

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