Boris Johnson is blocking Brexit, says Angela Merkel ally as Philip Hammond says EU is ‘silly’ over talks

17 Oct

Boris Johnson is blocking Brexit by stopping Theresa May making a more generous financial offer to leave the European Union, a key ally of Angela Merkel has said.

The news came as Philip Hammond, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, said it was “rather silly” for the UK and EU to get “hung up” on paying a bill to leave the EU before even discussing a future trading relationship.

In an interview on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme, Michael Fuchs said that the Foreign secretary was preventing Mrs May from making a more generous financial offer on Brexit to the EU.

Mr Fuchs said: “I know there are internal problems – whatever she is offering, Boris Johnson has said it is too much. 

“His influence seems to be pretty strong because otherwise she would come up with other proposals I guess. So the problem is she has internal trouble in the Tories.”

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