Britain in Bloom winning Lancashire village claims it once ‘cheated’ by getting ready made displays delivered 

28 Oct

Three years ago, they “cheated” by employing a specialist gardening company to design a display that was delivered in ready assembled trays.

Needless to say, on that occasion, Elswick in Lancashire did pretty well in the hotly contested Britain in Bloom contest but vowed that from then on, they would do all the work themselves.

The decision paid off and, despite having no professional help, the village has now won the much coveted Britain in Bloom Champion of Champions crown after impressing Royal Horticultural Society judges with its high impact floral displays, stunning front gardens, an orchard, meadows and beehives.

The blip, in 2014, came when Elswick decided to design a special feature to mark the 50th anniversary of the competition and after much deliberation, agreed to attempt some carpet bedding.

“We have to confess that after taking advice we cheated,” they admit on their website.

“Although the committee designed and planted the bed we received sponsorship for the project and engaged a specialist company to design the display which came in ready assembled trays.

“A wooden base was constructed to provide a slightly raised bed and the plants were simply slid off the trays. The effect was quite stunning.”

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