British railway first as four trains, including the Flying Scotsman, spanning four generations arrive at the same station

23 Apr

The world-famous Flying Scotsman travelled alongside two trains from Virgin Trains’ revitalised fleet, an HST (Class 43), an InterCity225 (Class 91), and the rail operator’s brand new train Virgin Azuma (Class 800) – which will come into service in 2018.

Featuring engineering work dating back to 1850, the fantastic-four set off from Tollerton, North Yorks., travelling side by side in a staggered formation at 25mph.

Paul Kirkman, director for the National Railway Museum in York which owns Flying Scotsman, said: “The East Coast Main Line has long been famed for speed and style.

“In the 19th century elegant locomotives were designed to haul trains on this route cementing its reputation as a railway racing stretch operated by thoroughbred engines.

“The four train line up epitomises the evolution of the later generation of fast, elegant and stylish trains – all with a shared bloodline – that epitomise the history of the route from the 1850’s to today.”

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