Brussels backs Macron: EU elites to campaign for europhile – but will it just HELP Le Pen?

24 Apr

Ms Le Pen has attempted to portray the pro-EU former banker as a poodle of both Brussels and Berlin, and has said he will represent their interests and not those of the French people. 

She is now likely to up those attacks in the next two weeks before the final vote, and will be able to point to the entire establishment lined up behind her rival in much the same way as Donald Trump did with Hillary Clinton. 

Last night Mr Juncker’s chief spokesman said the EU Commission boss had “congratulated” the centrist frontrunner for winning the first round, and added he “wished him good luck for the next round”.

Meanwhile the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, a former French foreign minister, described Mr Macron as a “patriot and European” and endorsed him for the final vote, saying: “France must stay European”. 

The EU’s foreign minister, Federica Mogherini, noted that Mr Macron gave his speech last night in front of supporters waving flags of France and the EU and described him as “the hope and future of our generation”. 

And the bloc’s Commissioner for finance, Pierre Moscovici, wrote on Twitter: “Emmanuel Macron now carries the flag for all democrats and pro-Europeans. We should all support him. He will have mine.”

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