Cannes or Can-can? Brigitte Macron upstages husband at lavish inauguration at Elysée Palace

14 May

As France’s new First Lady swept up the red-carpeted steps of the Elysée Palace alone, Emmanuel Macron found himself briefly – and no doubt not for the last time – upstaged by his wife.

Taking it in her stride, Brigitte staked her claim to the palace she will call home for the next five years in a lavender blue dress and double-breasted jacket.

Protocol dictated the new presidential couple should turn up separately to avoid embarrassment for the former occupant, François Hollande – now a bachelor.

Mrs Macron, we were swiftly informed, had “borrowed”, not bought, her outfit from Vuitton while her husband had spent a relatively modest €450 for his dark blue Paris-made suit. 

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