Chris Packham cleared of assaulting bird hunters in ‘time wasting’ case 

20 Apr

Some hours later he said he became the victim of an assault, but was instead himself charged in relation to the incident – charges he dubbed “odd and peculiar”.

The presenter tweeted: “NOT GUILTY! And wait until you see our evidence…” after leaving court, having been called into the courtroom just after 8.30am (9.30am local time).

He also posted a photo of himself dressed in a borrowed suit ahead of appearing at court, where he was accompanied by producer Ruth Peacey, who said the magistrate had thrown the case out. She tweeted: “As if there was any doubt…”

Outside court, Mr Packham said: “It was obvious from the start that these charges were odd and peculiar, because I was the one that was being assaulted and jostled by a man and a police officer.”

Neither of the pair was present on Thursday, Packham said.

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