Could no deal mean NO BREXIT? Five reasons why failure to reach a deal could BLOCK Brexit

24 Oct

3. Parliament rejects Brexit 

Even after the UK government strikes a deal with the EU, it still needs to get approval from the House of Commons and the House of Lords. 

Theresa May also needs to get enough support from MPs to pass the legislation needed to take the UK out of the EU. 

The Prime Minister faces the risk of defeat in the Commons because she has a minority government and is relying on the DUP to win votes. 

4. Brexit process goes on and on 

Under Article 50, the other 27 members of the EU could agree to extend Brexit talks beyond the two-year deadline of March 2019. 

Brexiteers fears that a protracted Brexit process would lead to frustration and could lessen public appetite for the EU exit. 

Meanwhile, Remain supporters could take the opportunity to keep calling for a second referendum on EU membership. 

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