Couple known as ‘Richard and Judy of local radio’ encouraged boys to have sex in woods, court told

19 May

Opening the case, prosecutor Miranda Moore QC said: “We are dealing with events between the years 1992 and 1996 so what we are talking about is some time ago.

“They were partial to having sexual activities in the outdoors. It was part of the edge of Atherstone Golf Club. It is a vast area of trees and shrubs.

“The couple, Mr and Mrs Wadsworth, also known as Julie Mayer, has admitted that they would engage in sexual activities outdoors.

“She described it to police as ‘outdoor hanky panky.’ They both deny that they engaged in any sexual activity whilst young lads were there.

“They did it in the open knowing the young lads were watching. The boys we are concerned with were mainly 14, but one was quite a bit younger.

“The activity started in the summer of 1992. The boys were too young by law to take part in any sexual activity or display.

“Even though nobody forced them to do anything, that does not matter. What would happen was following observation by the lads, Julie would engage in sexual activity with them.

“The boys were all under the age of consent, this would have been obvious to grown-ups such as Mr and Mrs Wadsworth.”

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