Crabs take over Cuba’s Bay of Pigs

27 Apr

That does not threaten the survival of the two prolific species, Gecarcinus ruricola and lateralis, which are not endemic to Cuba, said Jorge Luis Jimenez, a science ministry official who works in the park.

Similar crab migrations occur in other parts of Cuba at the same time of the year, as well as in some other special ecosystems such as Australia’s Christmas Island.

At the Bay of Pigs, the adult crabs return to their forest burrows after releasing clouds of eggs and are joined a couple of months later by the baby crabs which hatched at sea, said Mr Jimenez.

For locals, the crab invasion is good business.

Ito Molina, 45, said tourists would happily pay $10 for tire repair, a princely sum compared with the average state salary of around $25 per month.

For patches, he applies condoms, which get put to many uses in Cuba given how cheap and readily available they are.

“All the cars pass along this road, and they all get punctures,” he said. “So we stand there and repair the tires.”

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