Donald Trump rounds on media at Pennsylvania rally  

30 Apr

“We have been on the wrong side of the Nafta deal for many many years. If we can’t get a fair deal for our companies and our workers, we will terminate Nafta,” he said.

“Our jobs will come back home and our factories will come roaring back to life. It is going to be beautiful.”

The president repeated promises to repeal and replace Obamacare and to curb immigration.

“As gangs flooded into our country we could not even provide safety for our own people,” he said. 

“If you try to enter the United States illegally, you will be caught, detained, deported or put in prison.”

To the delight of his audience, Mr Trump’s 58-minute speech went through a comprehensive shopping list of pledges and achievements including repudiating the Paris climate accord.

Abandoning climate change targets and reviving the mining industry was what his audience wanted to hear.

“We are not going to allow other countries take advantage of us, from now on it is going to be America First.”

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