Eddie Izzard runs for place on Labour’s governing body for second time

24 Oct

Eddie Izzard has launched a fresh bid to join Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC).

The comedian, who failed to win a place on the Labour Party’s governing body in 2016, said he was “not standing for any faction” and will focus on the inclusion of underrepresented groups in his campaign.

Issuing a call to end “politics as usual”, Izzard said he was “fighting for an open, tolerant party” and is dedicated to supporting Jeremy Corbyn in his effort to become prime minister.

He said: “Being an actor and performing stand-up is what I do for a living, but being an activist has been part of me for a long time.

“I have always fought for the campaigns that I believe in, even when they are unpopular or I’ve been advised against it.

“I came out in 1985, joined the Labour Party in 1995 and I have now campaigned for LGBT rights, for the Labour Party, for Europe and have run marathons for charities for many years.

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